Dalan | Dalan Castile Soap Olive Oil
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Dalan Castile Soap Olive Oil


  • Cream Base
  • Natural Olive Oil base
  • Rich Olive Fragrance
  • International Fragrance

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Product Description:

Cream based beauty soap with olive oil base and mild olive fragrance. Olive oil soap is considered to be the best remedy for dry skin as it helps to exfoliate dead cells and flaky skin. Its moisturizing properties help to soften the skin texture, leaving you with beautiful glowing skin. Olive oil soap helps in reduction of cell deterioration of the skin.

Olive oil soap is a great remedy for those suffering from acne problems as it doesn’t clog your pores unlike other skin moisturizers. Olive oil soap has also proven to treat skin rashes. It can also be used to reduce the side effects from sun burns. Olive oil consists of vitamin E, which acts as a great antioxidant. Unlike regular soaps, you can be sure that after using olive oil soap you would not experience dry itchy skin.

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